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Make H&R Block World Headquarters LGBT Friendly

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H&R Block is protecting management that purposefully creates hostile work environments for many LGBT employees. This problem has been complicated by management within the Human Resources department. Employees being discriminated against based upon their sexual orientation can make a statement of concern with the Associate Relations Department, a department within Human Resources. However, these statements of concern are typically used to empower and protect the management in question.
H&R Block is predominately a seasonal organization. The season of each department revolves around the tax season and is based upon the department’s purpose. In order to maintain employment, each employee must continually apply for other positions within the company’s revolving seasonal structure. This process requires additional interviews and references.
H&R Block knowingly has management that provides outstanding, high-performing LGBT employees with inaccurate references that attack the employee’s work ethic and character. These unethical and biased references are not based upon the employees work performance, but are often personal attacks based on the employee’s sexual orientation. Such references prevent gay and lesbian employees from qualifying for greater opportunities such as promotions and regular, non-seasonal positions within the company.
Many of H&R Block’s gay and lesbian employees end up being terminated with the excuse of low-end, seasonal employment. Please understand that termination for low-end, seasonal employment can be used as a legal way for the company to dismiss employees based upon discrimination by management. Many of H&R Block’s terminated employees which have experienced discrimination at work were terminated as the result of low-end seasonal employment.

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