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Make Gun Control happen in Congress!: Enforce gun control and gun reform for the USA

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We have lost so many lives already due to gun violence and public shootings. From Tucson, Arizona, to Newtown, Connecticut, and now Houston, Texas, the NRA and the Republican Party in Congress need to step down and pass imperative gun reform!

It is ridiculous to stand in the way of making public safety a priority in our nation. From the Republican Party who so actively and eagerly went to war over our national and homeland security, now they stand ignorantly and impudently against providing security in our own country!

How many more school shootings must occur? How many more children must die? How many more lives must be taken? STOP gun violence!!

It goes without saying that gun control and gun issues remains sensitive today. The right to bear arms is a critical part of the Constitution, thus is a part of our rights as citizens of the United States. That goes without saying, and is a given, and in no way am I suggesting we completely hack that part of the Constitution off.

However, I beleive a holistic approach toward reform, realigning and reforming the gun industry and infrastructure here in the United States. There needs to be strict laws and regulations on guns. Magazines should not have more than 10 bullets, and the accessibility of semi-automatic guns that perforate lives so rapidly should not be in the hands of civilians. 

Guns serve a purpose to kill, whether hunting / sport, or for defense, or the military. While people are allowed their rights to own guns, the types of guns have certainly changed and technological advances have made guns and firearms incredibly more powerful and fatal.

My purpose with this petition is to draw more attention toward a constructive, progressive, and effective means of creating the atmosphere for change and addressing the issue on gun control and reform.

1. In depth screening and background checks, including crimincal records, mental stability and psychological well being

2. Pull semi-automatic and magazines of excessive bullets off the markets to the general public

3. Allow states to mandate their own reforms, but make a federal policy on gun reform.


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