Make Gender Sensitization Training Mandatory for all Teachers in Haryana by March 2020

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Imagine a woman walking alone in the evening on a slightly deserted road in Haryana. What are the odds that she will reach home safe.  

Think also about the thousands of women across strata/class/caste/age in the state that are subject to physical, mental and sexual abuse almost daily in their homes. I know, because I have been staying in Haryana for the last 18 years. The stories of horror that I hear and read haunt me and so many women in the State every single day. 

Haryana is incidentally ranked 6th in the country so far as crime rates against women are concerned, and reports an average of 4 rapes per day. Children are not safe either. In 2016, 85 cases of child rape below 12 years were reported in the State against 35 such cases registered in 2015. Kidnapping, assault, dowry, rape, gang rape, sexual assault, name it and the State ranks on the higher side against all other States in India. These are only reported statistics, actual figures might be way higher, since not only is reporting percentage low, the conviction rate of offenders is also extremely poor.

In this scenario, how can you and me, together, give women in Haryana a feeling of safety and equality when the societal environment in Haryana is so deeply rooted in patriarchal culture that treats women only as commodities.

Can we hope to position Haryana as a State that leads in giving its women and girls, a right to equality, a life of dignity and most important, complete freedom from fear and shame? 

A good starting solution is mandatory gender sensitization training of all our teachers in our educational institutions so that they become agents of change in this community movement for “Safety for Women in Haryana”.  

This is a model of change that has been time and again tested nationally and internationally with teachers leading the discussion on gender sensitization and gender violence within their classrooms for both boys and girls leading to lasting changes in mindsets.  

You can lead this change by signing this petition to start a community movement for “Safety for Women in Haryana”.

Just add your voice to petition the Government of Haryana to make it mandatory for all teachers of schools and colleges in Haryana to undergo gender sensitization training by International Women's Day 2020.

Together we can convert Haryana as a women friendly model state in the country.

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