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Make Gainesville, Florida a Sanctuary City

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Make Gainesville, Florida a Sanctuary City

In light of the recent Donald Trump Executive Order on Muslim immigration, we are calling on Mayor of Gainesville Lauren Poe to declare Gainesville an immigrant Sanctuary City.  

Gainesville is proud to host a top university that attracts thousands of international students and foreign-born faculty and staff each year who have created their own petition to have the UF campus designated as a Sanctuary Campus, but welcoming immigrants goes beyond UF.

We need the city of Gainesville to show that the courage of our convictions is not something to be ignored, that love truly does trump hate, and that we may be an example for those elsewhere whose city government may, like ours, be one of the last things standing between Trump and a policy of mass deportation in the USA.

Refugees, Muslims, and immigrants from all walks of life do not deserve to be discriminated against solely because of their religion, nationality, or race. Welcoming immigrants makes a place stronger than blindly turning them away.

Please sign our petition. Let's work together!

A link to the UF Sanctuary Campus petition is here:

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