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Make Full Sex Ed. Compulsory in All Schools

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As a former student of a leading Scottish Catholic High School, I believe the curriculum is not inclusive enough in the teaching of sex education. While the Catholic Church and other religious organisations may disagree with premarital sex, I strongly believe that issues (especially surrounding consent) are neglected. In a world where sexual harrasment is a common occurrence, young people could be most vulnerable; particularly if they're uneducated on how to protect themselves with confidence. Recent research surveying numbers of Church members found that there has been the biggest decline in church membership in Scotland ( suggesting that not all recipients of faith education are fully committed to religion and therefore rely on the school to provide a sufficient education alongside the religious perspective. While the subject of contraception is loosely spoken of, I also believe that schools have a responsibility to teach the positives of safe sex (even if it comes from a Catholic perspective). Although this may seem arbitrary for those who will not engage in intercourse before marriage, sex ed. is essential in keeping teens safe, healthy and informed. Please sign this petition to ensure that high schoolers are not missing out on the sexual education they need and, more importantly, deserve.

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