Make Flying Cars a Reality!

Make Flying Cars a Reality!

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Piotr Rzymski started this petition

Flying cars are no longer a far-fetched dream of a futuristic world. The technology needed to make them is already possible, and not only that - they would be safer, more effective and environmentally friendly than regular cars.

What is holding us back then? Lack of people (like you and me) taking action to tell authorities and lawmakers to make it happen.
We need dronecars (flying cars) if we want to see an improvement in traffic congestion, air pollution, safety issues, and environmental degradation anytime soon. If we want these improvements in our life time, then we need to say something now. That is the reason for this petition. To spread awareness and the word that everyday people want personal air travel to be a possibility some time in the not-so-distant future.
Someday, flying cars will be an every day thing- they will save lives, time, money and the environment. Rather than delaying the benefits they will bring to our world, we want to push for them to happen sooner than later.
Why, do you ask, will flying cars be so important for our world?
In 1950, the world’s population was 2.2 billion - it has now increased to 8 billion in 2022, and is expected to increase even further in the next 10-20 years. With an increase of people comes an increase in automobiles. (Specifically, cars!)
The infrastructure for many cities and towns around the world was not built with the consideration of such an abundance of cars in mind. In the 1970s, there were only 300 million cars in the world - in the 2030s, experts say that we can expect to see almost 3 billion cars on the road.
An increase in cars means an increase in traffic jams, congestion, air pollution,
accidents, and wasted time…
Flying cars were predicted in the 1880s to exist in the future, but almost 150 years later, in the 21st century - we are still waiting.
The problem isn’t that the technology to make flying cars possible isn’t available. The technology is there, but authorities are stalling on whether to push forward to make personal air travel accessible.

Flying cars would have several benefits for our societies and the environment, including:
● The ability to travel the same distance in a shorter amount of time
● Less air pollution, due to less time needed to travel the same distance
● Quicker, more efficient transport for medical services; including emergency
services, organ transfers, medical supplies and healthcare workers who could all
arrive at trauma centres and emergencies much faster
● Freeing up the city roads for pedestrians and cyclists, which would be safer for
families with young children, and the elderly
● Saving peoples’ time and money
● Reducing road accidents
● A decrease to the number of mammals killed on roads, which are important for
ecosystems and biodiversity
● Reducing the amount of airplanes that are needed; for which tickets are
expensive and seats are becoming smaller and more uncomfortable every year

Having medical resources more readily available could mean saving lives in times of emergency. It would help the environment, time, and money.
Quite a bit of planning, research and organization would be needed to build an
infrastructure to allow flying cars to exist and function safely within our societies. Yes, there would be a lot of safety issues to consider - however, none of this research or planning can even get started unless we tell them we want it.
This is why if we want to see flying cars in our lifetime, now is the time to take action!
Once authorities decide to start doing the planning and research it’ll take to make flying cars a reality, it would take many years for everything to be in place - this is why if we want flying cars to be a reality in our lifetime, we must act now.
Laws are social constructs. A sizeable cultural shift needs to happen for humanity to adopt the dream of flying cars. As long as everyone wants flying cars, then action can be taken by authorities to help make them available. If we work together, we can convince lawmakers to make room for personal air travel in the skies.
Flying cars would save many things. The environment. People’s lives. Their money, and most importantly: their time.
What are you waiting for?

Sign our petition to make a better world possible.
For more ways to advocate for dronecars (flying cars), please visit us at
We appreciate your support in building better societies for the future!

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