Make Fashion Internships Paid!

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Ellie Misner
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This year I have been on a placement year as part of my university course. I study Fashion Design with Business Studies at The University of Brighton. 

The majority of internships we undertake as fashion students, especially within London are completely unpaid. Only a few offering expenses covered. The hours can range from a normal days work (9-5) to much longer hours around fashion week meaning the intern can be working up to 14 hours per day for free. With this amount of hours being put in, the majority would not have time for a paid job alongside the internship. So unless you have access to free accommodation and parents/guardians who can cover you, your opportunities are extremely limited. The fashion industry rakes in billions of pounds from London alone. Certainly meaning that the interns working long hours could be at least paid minimum wage. - 

Not only does this white-wash the industry, ensuring only the middle and upper class can afford to become part of it, it puts a great deal of pressure on the individual applicant to keep quiet and get on with it. Working obscene hours for free and being told that it's all for the CV, worrying that if they complain, someone else will do the work for free/get the job, or they could get blacklisted within the Industry. 

I have thought long and hard about creating this petition, as I absolutely love fashion and I would be distraught to be blacklisted from the Industry but I honestly think if someone doesn't begin to stand up for us students then noone will. 

Please share and sign this petition, and hopefully it will begin a change within the Industry.