Make false 911 claims a criminal offense

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As seen in the disgusting video posted of Amy Cooper as she called 911 to report a fraudulent crime supposedly committed on her by an African American man, police departments across America have historically been weaponized against People of Color. This behavior will continue until the perpetrators of these calls are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Using 911 as a personal hotline to remove / harass/ or arrest PoC for, in many cases, living their lives not only wastes police resources, it puts the lives of minorities in danger. While police are responding to fraudulent crimes, real crimes can go unpunished or unsolved, and the resulting lag in police response can result in the loss of life.

When 911 is used to report fraudulent crimes committed by minorities, the offended should be immediately apprehended, jailed, and prosecuted. Only when this behavior is harshly punished will it be curtailed.