Make ExplodingTNT do a face reveal - now or NEVER!

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ExplodingTNT is a Canadian Minecraft YouTube star with over 5 million subscribers. However, a video promising a face reveal at 10 million subscribers has proven to be an unrealistic and dishonest prediction.

He has already reached 5 million subscribers, and his voice reveal is out! (PLEASE watch with your ad blocker on.)

However, a face reveal at 10 million subscribers? "It could take him until 2022, according to Social Blade. 2022!" THAT PREVIOUS SENTENCE WAS OUT OF DATE. NOW, THE WEBSITE NOW SAYS IT WILL TAKE HIM UNTIL 2024 JUST TO REACH 7 MILLION! This shows his subscriber rate is dropping! It may take until, say, 2030, or even never! It could be even longer than that, given Minecraft's declining popularity and his videos' declining overall quality. 

This could be just his polite way of saying, "No. I just won't do a face reveal." Let's not let that happen. Sign this petition today!

(Here is the original video announcing the face reveal at 10 million subscribers. I HIGHLY recommend you turn ON your Ad Blocker when watching ExplodingTNT's videos to boycott him and his dishonest and click-baiting tactics.)

If you have any questions, contact Félix An at fffelix_jan {at}