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Make Emergency Scans Available 24/7 in Scotland

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I was 9 weeks pregnant when I started bleeding on a Friday evening. Although I went up to a&e the Saturday night, not one person could tell me what was going on as ultrasound  scans were not available at weekends or evenings. I had to wait a full 3 days before I could get my scan and even have an inkling of what was going on. Unfortunately I miscarried and this scan was just too late for me. 

I know the worry I experienced was sickening and I can only imagine how other worried sick mothers to be feel when they are told that they can't be told what is going on and have to wait. A day feels like a week! This is why I am petitioning to get emergency scans available 24/7 in Scotland, to save other pregnant ladies from worrying frantically until someone can give them an ultrasound when there's space.

If in doing this, it can help save one baby and it's mother from miscarrying, then it is worth implementing.

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