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Help us make eBay Australia make fundraising easier.

eBay Australia has made it way too hard to raise funds for charity. It has so much potential, yet they haven't been able to utilise this yet. To raise funds you need to get authorisation from the charity, this takes time and effort, and most people don't even try when they see these regulations. 

Not only do they have to make it easier, they need to make it known that this great platform can be used for fundraising. 

If eBay makes this change, no one will loose anything. But, so many will gain so much.

eBay US and UK, both have dedicated charity programs, and have both raised millions of dollars, not to mention all the awareness as well. Why hasn't Australia? Now it is up to YOU.

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Letter to
Opposition Leader-Australia Tony Abbott
eBay Australia eBay Spokeperson
eBay John Donahoe
I am writing to you in my efforts to make charity fundraising through eBay Australia easier. It is way too hard, and so many people don't bother. eBay US and eBay UK have their dedicated charity sites, which have made a huge impact. So why has Australia not taken a step forward yet? Not only have they made it too hard to do, they have not make it known that this can be done. Many people I have spoken to have said it is a genius idea, and didn't know you could already do...but, it is very hard.

eBay has huge potential, and I think it is time they started utilising it.

In this day and age, where problems are becoming bigger and more frequent, something as simple as this, would make a remarkable difference. Facebook Causes have managed to do this, and they have made a massive difference as well.

I wish to see this brought in, as it needs to happen. No one will lose anything, but so many stand to gain lots from this. Not only will many people gain from this, but eBay Australia will also. Doing this will give them a great name. Especially now that people know what they could be doing.

Please consider eBay's position in the charity sector, and work with us to bring this in.

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