Make Dog Grooming an Essential Service

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I am asking that Pet/Animal Grooming be made an essential service.

According to MA general law chapter 272 section 77 animal neglect is a crime. By denying pets access to hygiene services the state is complicit government mandated neglect.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston lists poor coat condition and matting as a warning sign of neglect. Their handbook for mandated animal cruelty reporting mentions grooming several times.

ARL Boston: Cruelty warning signs

Grooming is essential for the health and cleanliness of dogs. The following articles articulate grooming's scope of importance.

WebMD: Why grooming is important

ASPCA: Why pets need regular grooming

Closing grooming services also puts undue stress on veterinarians in a time where seeing patients safely is already a challenge.

MA deemed businesses and organizations that provide care to animals and pets as essential, yet purposefully excluded grooming ignoring that proper grooming is vital to the proper care of many dogs.

Furthermore the reopening plan fails to provide adequate protection for animals by keeping grooming as a non-essential service. Your pet's right to be clean, comfortable, and healthy could again be stripped away without notice.

This closure also disproportionately affects women, as grooming is primarily a women led industry. One could argue the state is complicit in gender discrimination as well.

I am asking the state to align with the values of its own laws and make Pet/Animal Grooming an essential service.