Make Discord Have Stories

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Make Discord Have Stories!  

Hey! We are Maggy and Emily, and we are here to explain to you why Discord should have the Story feature.
On many popular Social Media apps there is a feature where you can share a post with all your friends/followers for a limited amount of time. This is an exceptional ability because it offers the opportunity to share a post with all your friends, although unlike posting a picture, video, etc, it stays only for 24h rather than until deleted. 
We believe Discord should have this element because it promotes an easy way to advertise servers to all your friends instead of having to DM each one. It also advocates the ability to share something funny, exciting, surprising, etc. It could have the option to be public, only friends can view, or private to those chosen explicitly. Stories would be a spectacular addition to the Discord app!
Please sign if agreed, let's get Discord Stories!