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∞ • Make December 21st, 2012 the 1st International EARTH NIGHT • ∞

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As the human story continues to unfold, it has become very clear to many of us that not one culture has all the answers to life's questions. Often steered by the scientific conquest of nature - our modern way of living has managed to extinguished countless other instances of life on this planet.

We find ourselves in a dire situation, but are thankful for the countless inventors, artists, researchers, and activists across the globe helping dream a brighter and more sustainable future for humanity. However, we feel like many of these ideas are not catching the traction or gaining the popularity they need to really take off. We want to take the time to help honor some of the paradigm shifting ideas of our time - especially those that draw upon the wisdom of the many ancestral and indigenous cultures from across the planet. In order to do this, we have created a model for celebration that unites culture, education and the arts into one unified event that we hope all the great nations and bodies of nations of the world can gather in support of.

We call this event Earth Night - and much like the world's first Earth Day that took place on the Spring Equinox - Earth Night takes place as the sun goes down on the Winter Solstice - which this in this year 2012, coincides with the projected end of great Mayan Civilization's calendar. Nevertheless, like Earth Day, it is a eco-centric celebration dedicated to environmental awareness and the dawn of a cycle.  However, Earth Night recognizes the cultural practices that have fueled a unified vision of humanity's place in planetary politics. These practices culminate in what is most easily understood as 'ceremony' - a means of deepening the energetic connection between humans and the rest of the planetary kingdoms through music, art, medicine and dance.

Our mission is to inspire a global gathering that celebrates not only the most progressive ideas of our time, but the most progressive and honorable ideas of ALL TIMES - gathering luminary figures, artists and performers from across cultures and disciplines to share their life's work and help weave together a more accurate version of our human story - one that is full of color, diversity and wisdom.

We have arrived at the time in our story when we realize who we are all and how we are all connected. But now it is time to be inspired by in this achievement and make a unified effort towards creating an uncontrollably beautiful future. What is wonderful is that this is already happening with or  without this petition, but we wish to share the vision with everyone while we can - not later down the road - but right now.

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