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Make Cypress Field in Brookline a Real Sports Field for Our High School

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Make Cypress Field at Brookline High School a real sports field for our town and high school by installing a modern turf sports field and creating a beautiful park for all.

  • Our high school and town teams need access to this Cypress field space for over 50 hours per week in all seasons.
  • This modern turf proposal with organic infill allows for badly needed usage for practice and games, including rainy days, when grass fields in Brookline are closed.
  • The proposal would create a turf field that would maintain its usefulness for over ten years with low maintenance costs.
  • Installing a grass playing field is a waste of town money. Grass fields can't handle current usage without killing the grass and quickly degrading into a dangerous and uneven mix of dirt, dust and weeds, which is the current state of Cypress Field and other Brookline grass fields.
  • Many BHS sports teams currently use fields that are as many as 3.5 miles away, including Skyline, Downes, and Larz Anderson. The town does not provide transportation for these teams and athletes currently rely on a combination of public transportation, parents and older teammates with access to cars, cycling and walking. This is unfair, time consuming and very often unsafe.
  • The proposal includes using modern turf, not the type of ground up tires as "dirt". Modern turf with organic infill is nearly as cool as grass and safe for kids.
  • Natural grass will still be enjoyed in a significant portion of the park and surrounding the field.
  • Almost all other area high schools have a playable sports field adjacent to their high school building.
  • Proposals for a grass field are not realistic because they are too expensive to maintain. Even the New England Patriots replaced their grass field with turf because they could not maintain it.
  • Turf fields do not close due to rain and wet conditions.
  • Turf has lower ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Turf doesn’t need water or artificial chemicals/fertilizers.
  • Turf will be designed to manage rainwater runoff and reduce the current flooding of homes on Davis Ave.
  • Details of proposal in recent scoping session document

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