Make cribbage memorable for all!

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 It was a perfect day to start a company cribbage tournament, but no one could for see the horror that was about to take place. The tournament is a best of three.The first game was neck and neck. The game ended with us barely inching our opponents out. What happened next is something no one saw coming. The second game started with our opponents pegging 18 points on the first hand. They then rode that momentum hand after hand. They tryed to be humble, but the look in their eyes was pure pity for us. We all know how this story ends. I have been racking my brain on how we lost so badly. Was it the vintage board we used or the fresh deck of cards. I finally figured it out! It is the rules! We need new rules for a new generation. Help me change the game of cribbage and even the playing field once and for all. Equal pegging for all!