Make corndogs a legal animal!

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My pet corndog has a special place in my heart. He used to be a pig. Now he's a beautiful corndog. My friends have been telling me he's not a pet! WELL, I BEG TO DIFFER! Corndogs have hearts too! I take care of my corndog like a pet owner should! If you want to keep a pet corndog, here are a few tips:

1: Feed them good condiments every day. My corndog, Carl, for example, loves Barbeque sauce. 

 2: Take them on a walk daily, if you can't once a week is okay.

3: Give them baths if they're moldy. If he's soggy after that, dry him by wrapping a nice, warm, cozy towel around him.

4: If you find out you're not up for the challenge of a pet corndog, too bad, they're beautiful creatures! 

Corndogs are a great starter pet for you young children in need of responsibility! Sorry for the gore shown in the picture above, I'm trying to raise the awareness of corndog abuse.

Corndog adoption centers are more humane than buying them frozen from the grocery store. Imagine if you were frozen and stored on a shelf until someone bought you! They don't do that to dogs! So the question is, why corndogs?

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