Make Computer Science count in California #CSinCA #MakeCSCount


Make Computer Science count in California #CSinCA #MakeCSCount

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Started by Claire Shorall

In California, unlike most states, computer science is only an elective. This discourages students from taking it and schools from teaching it. California ought to be a leader in computer science.  Make CS count in California and let all our kids have access to this foundational field.

While most of America has already made this change, California doesn’t count CS toward graduation or college admission requirements. For this reason, most California schools don’t even offer it.

As one of California’s few CS educators, I’ve witnessed the direct impact on my students in Oakland. Strained by the rigors of filling their schedule with required courses, few students can even consider computer science. It’s heartbreaking to see a student forced to choose between CS, which would be foundational to her career, and the courses required for college. No student should have to make such a choice.

I’ve seen computer science transform the lives of my students.  In America’s top universities, CS is rapidly becoming the most popular field of study. Leaders across academia and business have declared that computer science is foundational.

California is making big moves to embrace CS. Schools across the state are adding CS classes. Governor Brown and the State Legislature have passed new laws providing a path for computer science to count towards graduation and university admission.

In spite of these advances, the ultimate decision rests with the independent University of California Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS) , and so far they’ve rejected proposals to make computer science count.

I’m joining elected officials and dozens of academic and business leaders who stepped forward this week to ask the BOARS committee to update their math requirements (category “C”) to count computer science. Allowing computer science to count as a “C” credit will drive curriculum adoption by schools and enrollment by diverse populations across the state.

Join us in urging the U.C. BOARS committee make computer science count. Together let’s bring California’s education system into the 21st century.


This petition made change with 18,284 supporters!

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