Make COD Black ops II downloadable on PS4

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I’d like to start by saying that this Petition is genuine and serious. 
I and many of my personal friends grew up in our late teenage years playing Black Ops II and still have a serious admiration for the game. 
I was sitting at home playing shooters from other developers on PC and couldn’t help but thinking back to a simpler time, when the fellas and I could all banter around some great console gameplay! 
It is for this reason that I am making a serious attempt at lobbying those with the power to, to make this game downloadable on PS4. I think it is safe to say there is a huge number of people who would be right behind this cause. Even if the game was downloadable for a fee, there would still be Hundreds of thousands who would flock to purchase. 
If it is a fear of those that are in charge that reproducing this game would lead to a decline in sales of newer Call of Duty games, I would implore you to consider that this would bring back many “lost souls” and could even spark an interest in the game again and drive sales through the roof. This could be an opportunity to Re-throne Call of Duty as the best First Person Shooter time withstanding. 

To Treyarch, Activision and Sony. Let’s make dreams come true again.