Make Carrboro Parks, not graveyards!

Make Carrboro Parks, not graveyards!

225 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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Town of Carrboro Council

Why this petition matters

Dear Carrboro Town Council,

Please conserve our scarce Town-owned open green space for parks and nature preserves, rather than rushing to expand your Davie graveyard this spring without enough notification and discussion.

Let’s look to the future and not to the past!  Cremations will increase from 60% in 2022 to 80% in 2042.  If the Town wants to sell burial plots then please buy inexpensive beautiful nearby rural land for them, rather than permanently giving up our precious in-town open space.

Carrboro doesn’t have parks on the crowded apartments-and-condos side of Main Street.  For equitable park access please reserve the Fidelity open green space for a quiet and respectful park.  Native species could screen it from the Davie graveyard.  It could have picnic tables, a community garden, jogging trails, a dog run, a playground, and a platform for yoga, ceremonies, and stargazing.  Making a park here will honor the humanity of people living in multifamily housing, which has fewer environmental impacts.

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The signers of this petition are current Carrboro residents (or former residents of Fidelity & Davie) plus some current Carrboro property owners.  For authenticity:
! Please start your comments with the Carrboro street you live(d) on or now own on!  

225 have signed. Let’s get to 500!