Introduce a pay-per-mile road tax to cut emissions and make car ownership fairer

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James Blackham
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Our current car tax system is broken - we want to fix it.

Car tax is charged as a fixed amount, no matter how much drivers use their cars. Particularly at a time when car ownership has become more expensive than ever, we don’t think this is fair. 

High mileage drivers generate more emissions and cause more wear-and-tear to our highways; they should pay more towards the upkeep of our roads.

We urge the Government to adopt a more modern, fairer model for Vehicle Excise Duty, charging motorists for the miles they actually drive.

We believe a new model would not only save most drivers money, but it would help tackle traffic congestion, help reduce emissions and more effectively raise funds to improve our roads and transport infrastructure.

We want:

1) Car tax to be ring-fenced and actually spent on improving our roads
2) Pay-per-mile car tax instead of the fixed amounts today - either through increasing fuel duty or using mileage readings taken during an MOT

Car tax will be #BetterByMiles

For more information, read our full blog post.


Independent reports suggest the need for radical reforms to UK car tax, and recent reforms just aren’t doing enough:

60% of British motorists would prefer pay-per-mile car tax, while over 50% of respondents said that it would make them drive less:

A trial of pay-per-mile tax in the USA found the distributional effects of a per mile flat vehicle tax fee did not place a significantly greater burden on either lower income or rural populations:

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