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Update - Cannabis Oil for Pediatric Patients in Canada

Pediatric Cannabis Canada

Jul 18, 2014 — Thank you everyone for your continued support. Our petition has gathered nearly 12,000 signatures. Every week a new set of signatures is forwarded to the Health Minister's office and the Office of Controlled Substances within Health Canada. They may not be responding yet but they cannot ignore our message much longer.

Despite a lack of clinical trials, an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence has convinced more and more doctors in Canada to consider signing prescriptions.

Parents have begun pooling information together to help determine dosing and strains of cannabis that work for different conditions. (see Pediatric Cannabis Canada group on Facebook -

The biggest hurdle at the moment continues to be Health Canada's restriction on dried cannabis, forcing children to consume their medicine by smoking it. As a collective group we must put pressure on Health Canada to change this regulation and allow for cannabis extracts (oil) by talking to the media, reaching out to our local MPs and by making sure we are heard.

Thank you once again. We are raising funds for our cause with t-shirt sales. Please visit for more info.


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