Change Canada’s anthem to Bobby Roode’s WWE theme: Glorious Domination

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With everyone complaining about the recent changes to Canada’s National anthem, I suggest we abandon the old and bring in the new. 

WWE sports entertainer (and proud Canadian) Bobby Roode makes his ring entrance to a song titled Glorious Domination which would serve as a proper theme song for our great nation. 

It excludes no one, it rocks everyone, and I challenge any other nation to come at us with an anthem that would inspire more awesomeness. 

From the stirring piano introduction to the powerful rock and roll guitars, Glorious Domination represents everything that we in the Great White North stand for - not giving in, defending, being victorious, doing what we must, and most importantly, being absolutely... GLORIOUS! 

I am appealing to the Government of Canada and the Minister of Culture and Heritage, Melanie Joly, to take the steps to bring this to fruition.