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Make California’s Schools a Priority Again!

Education is our future because children are our future. Without quality schools, our state will lack the skilled workforce needed to grow our economy and create jobs.

Instead of investing in our schools, political leaders from both parties have been cutting back. Since 2008, they’ve cut school budgets by $20 billion. Over 40,000 educators have been laid off, and California now has the largest class sizes in the nation. 

We are shortchanging our children – and they deserve better.

Fortunately, this November there is Proposition 38, a ballot measure that provides guaranteed funding to restore a well-rounded education and improve educational outcomes.

Prop 38 raises $10 billion annually for California schools. It collects the money in a trust fund that the legislature and governor can’t touch, bypasses Sacramento and sends the money directly on a per child basis to every school in California – eliminating politics and empowering parents.

If Prop 38 passes, the money will be used for things like reducing class sizes, restoring classes in art, music, math and science, or even purchasing new textbooks and hiring more librarians.

Help make California’s schools a priority again by voicing your support for Proposition 38 on the November ballot.

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