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Make BSc.CSIT Exams and Result Timely !

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BSc CSIT standing for Bachelor in Computer Science and Information technology is the four years undergrad computer science course.

Thought , it has been marked as four years course, the irresponsible people from tribhuvan university, department of IOST are accountable and taking more than five years to complete a four years degree course. Moreover , the exam and results for those exams are not timley. Some semester takes 7 months whereas some semester takes 9 months to complete also the result takes a year to publish. Unlike, IOE where the board exam happens timely and supplementary exams can be taken within 2 months of result published, We want the same system in Bsc CSIT. There has been negative impact into the students and we are not able to complete our bachelors degree in four years time. We believe that the people from department of IOST , Tribhuvan university is being unaccountable to this and we want them to make quick decision regarding the exam and results of this bachelors degree.

Hence, this initiation which could be done by small group who has been studying BscCSIT is taken because we want timely results and exams!!

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