Make Body Cameras Mandatory For Police In British Columbia

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The death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet (during a wellness check from police), the death of Chantel Moore (also during a wellness check from police) and a recent incident where an Inuit man (unnamed) was hit by a police truck, have shown a need for Canadian police to wear body cameras. These incidents are being investigated, but there is no known video footage of Chantel or Regis' deaths. This leaves police being able to speak for themselves, while Regis and Chantel have no known witnesses to speak for them. Mandatory body worn cameras can also ensure that proper procedures are being taken by police during wellness checks, as well as proper de-escalation and detainment methods, when necessary. Body cameras can hold both police and citizens accountable for their actions. The government of BC already has standards in place, for the use of body cameras, but there is no legislation making them mandatory. With them, evidence can be properly collected and justice can be served. Please see the articles below for more details:

Regis Korchinski-Paquet
Chantel Moore
Inuit Man Hit With RCMP Truck

To further support this cause, please find out if your local police departments are currently using body cameras. If they aren't, please encourage them to do so. 

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