Make Australia replace the use of COAL with RENEWABLE ENERGY

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Dear Australia & the world,

With the recent federal election, Australia is now set to be governed by the Liberal National Party for at least the next 3 years. The Prime Minister (LNP leader) Scott Morrison has openly attributed the thoughts of those opposed to a future with cleaner sources of energy as a "ideological, pathological fear of coal".

(and yes, he really did bring a lump of coal into parliament when saying this)

Scott Morrison & the LNP are too concerned with the economical benefits of the coal industry, and fail to acknowledge the enormity of the environmental backlash that the young Australian people (as well as the rest of the world) will have to face.

While we cannot do anything the change our current leaders for now, the voices of Australia need to be heard. Young, old, and anyone who can make our government face the facts ,and the science. By signing this petition, you put your name behind the support of:

  1. Declaring a state of climate emergency in Australia.
  2. Creating a clear path to a zero carbon future (with much higher standards than the planned 26-28% emissions reduction by 2030.)
  3. A commitment to reaching zero emissions WELL before 2050 (which is the plan that  goes with the Paris Agreement).
  4. Creating a plan to phase out the use of coal from Australia's energy supply in favour of 100% renewable energy, rather than a target of 23.5 percent renewables by 2030.
  5. Creating job opportunities for a CLEAN energy economy.
  6. Giving more support to communities most affected by climate change.

Thank you for reading & I appreciate your support ❤️