Make Anvils Unbreakable

Make Anvils Unbreakable

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Started by Andrew O’Connor

In Minecraft, we can make crating tables, furnaces, looms, smithing tables, stone cutters, composters, brewing stands, cauldrons, enchanting tables, and anvils.

Of all these, the anvil is the only one that is damaged (and eventually breaks) with use.  Why?  My last anvil lasted (literally) five uses—hardly worth the 31 iron ingots I spent on it.

Not only does the progressive damage of anvils make no sense when compared to other objects in Minecraft, but also when compared to real-world anvils.  Linked below is a blog post telling readers of the anvil seen in the post, which is over 100 years old (and wasn't even cracked).

While an iron farm largely solves this issue, the focus on automated farms has become so intense in recent years that Mojang might as well change the game title to "Farmcraft."  One of the simple pleasures of Minecraft is...



The world of Minecraft is massive and gorgeous, but the value of exploration is taxed by automated farms, and while such contraptions will never fail to amaze me, mechanics like these only encourage too heavy a focus on that approach to the game.

Tell Mojang to encourage the exploration of each Minecraft world by reworking this simple mechanic so that less players may be forced to resort to building iron farms.

Blog posts - "What's the lifetime expectation of an anvil?":

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!