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This month, Senator Don Vaughan introduced "Chamberlin's Law" before the North Carolina Senate. This bill would make it a crime to recklessly neglect a pet or companion animal, removing the need for prosecutors to prove intentional neglect in cruelty and neglect cases.

The Chamberlin for whom this bill is named is a pit bull mix. He was found in an overgrown vacant lot in Guilford County, NC. When he was discovered, he was malnourished, sick, unable to walk or even stand. Under current North Carolina law, his abuser may not have even committed a crime.

Tell the North Carolina General Assembly that reckless neglect is cruelty, and it ought to be a crime.

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Letter to
North Carolina State House
North Carolina State Senate
I was heartened to learn recently on that your colleague, Senator Don Vaughan of Greensboro has introduced SB 2, "Chamberlin's Law." This important and necessary bill would make it a crime to recklessly neglect a pet or other animal, meaning that prosecutors could successfully prosecute more of those offenders who leave animals starving, without shelter, or mistreated in other ways.

Chamberlin is a pit bull mix. He was discovered, along with another dog, abandoned in a vacant lot in Guilford County. When he as discovered, he was malnourished, close to dying, and unable to even move. The other dog found with Chamberlin had to be euthanized. Chamberlin, although he will probably never walk again, is getting healthier every day.

Those who would leave an animal to die of starvation, disease, or exposure are criminals, and they deserve to be punished, whether their intent was malicious or merely neglectful. Please support Chamberlin's Law by urging your colleagues to vote it favorably out of committee, and then by lending your vote to this bill on the floor.

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