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Make an animal friendly New Year's resolution!

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Happy New Year!  Please make a New Year's resolution that will help animals in 2009.  Here are some ideas.

1. Adopt; don’t buy. Animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats waiting for a home. The economic crisis has forced some families to give up their pets. Adopting from shelters and rescue groups saves a life and prevents the misery of dogs housed as breeding stock at puppy mills. Most animals for sale at pet stores and online come from these abusive puppy mills.

2. Get involved in efforts to protect animals. Go to to sign up for email alerts and to learn more about the needs of animals in your community and around the world.

3. Making even small dietary changes can make a big difference for animals. Resolving to not eggs from caged hens can improve the welfare of countless birds. Or commit to eat meatless meals more often.

4. Don’t buy fur or fur-trimmed garments.

5. Join The HSUS’s boycott of Canadian seafood to end Canada’s cruel seal hunt.

6. Learn more—subscribe to Wayne Pacelle’s Humane Nation blog, for updates on animal issues, and how you can help.

7. Spay or neuter your pet to reduce pet overpopulation, and tell your friends and family about the benefits of this simple and life saving procedure.

8. Volunteer your time to help your local animal shelters and rescue groups.

9. Donate to The HSUS. Becoming a monthly sustainer allows us to continue to confront animal cruelty and celebrate animals.

10. Be prepared for when disaster strikes. Have a plan to evacuate with your pet if natural or human-caused disaster hits your community.

11. Be cruelty-free: purchase only cosmetics and personal care products that have not been tested on animals. You can take the pledge and learn more about cruelty free products here.

12. IM/Email to save animals: check out Microsoft’s i’m initiative

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