Make American Schools Safe Again

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No student should face harm and violence at school. School is solely a place where students learn, bond with friends, and make happy memories.

It has only been 47 days since 2018 began yet there have been 18 school shootings so far in the United States. This means that on average, there has been a school shooting for every 3 days. Innocent students are killed by people who should not possess a gun, or any other weapon. My question is - how come a mentally unstable 19-year-old have access to a gun when a mentally stable 19-year-old cannot buy a can of beer? Think about it - a gun is clearly more damaging and harmful to our society than a 12 ounce can of beer. I am tired of seeing all the news in which innocent lives are being taken away when there is a simple solution: get rid of guns in the United States. 

Australia banned their semi-automatic rifles and shotguns 21 years ago. 21 YEARS AGO. They have not seen ONE school shooting. Also, Japan has an extremely strict process when it comes to purchasing a gun. In 2012, 11 people were killed by a gun there while in the United States, more than 100,000 innocent people were killed. Why can't the United States follow Australia and Japan in their gun control laws?

Also, President Trump - instead of using the federal money on a useless wall and a military parade, please spend it on securing every single school in America with a metal detector, etc. 

So many students are afraid to go to school nowadays because they don't know what might happen. Imagine if a shooting happened in your child's school @Congress. How would you react? 

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