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STOP the MEAN Tweets ! Demand of Pres. Donald Trump to stop attacking people on Twitter

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Whether you are a DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, or Independent. Whether you support Trump's use of Twitter at times, or are totally against. Whether or not you support President Trump at all. We are all fellow Americans ! And WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE all agree that we must be kind to each other, and respect each other despite our possible differences as HUMANS ! Therefore we ask President Trump to please stop the personal attacks on Twitter ! Please do not call people dumb, or criticize their physical appearance, etc..

Mr. President, some of us believe you should continue using twitter to reach the public, while many of us disagree. Some of us think it is important that you fight back against the "Fake News" or opposing Politicians with twitter, while some of us do not. WE ALL AGREE however, that it is important to be KIND and Respectful toward each other. We also believe that our children look up to you as their President and do not want them growing up thinking it is OK to use personal attacks against people on social media. 

Lastly, even for those among us who support you completely, we feel that when you are mean to others it makes all of us look bad. It also creates tremendous divisiveness among fellow Americans, because many assume that "Trump supporters" who support you are fine with kind of behavior. This is NOT TRUE with regards to the overwhelming majority, but unfortunately still causes us to be very divided. So with one voice, we the "Trump Supporters" and the "Trump Haters" TOGETHER ASK OF YOU that even when you feel the need need to stand up for your policies,PLEASE never use social media to personally attack people!

Thank you 

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