Make supermarkets accessible to people with autism and sensory issues

I have aspergers (late diagnosed) and I am so much sound sensitive that I avoid birthday parties to avoid balloon cracking sound. Normally, at the childhood I was much much more sound sensitive. I avoided rooms where any wall clock that may sudden bell. If someone startled me, I got crippled, and after getting into the controle I attacked the startler from self-protection instinct. But there was an week... on a festival a local politician arranged a decoration of war-plane that cracked a very loud firecracker each 30 seconds or a minute interval. I screamed like mad, I shouted, I jumped, I gone out of control I was not getting minimum time to adjust myself. Even Our parents were not enough empathetic; they just talked to a local club, which did not took any action. Anyone else at the locality had not any complaints. How insensible the society is; and how easy to do such level of child abuse.

2 years ago
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