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Make all in-flight food offerings plant-based vegan

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Airlines are constantly trying to trim costs and save money. Food offerings onboard in economy class seating on most domestic and international flights are unappetizing, quickly perishable and unhealthy. They are also unacceptable to many passengers who have various dietary restrictions. Standardizing the in-flight offerings to a “least common denominator” would save the airlines money by eliminating the need for special meals while allowing virtually all passengers to enjoy the in-fight offerings. Vegan (strictly plant-based) foods are healthier, ethical, and when prepared in facilities that process no meat or dairy, are suitable for those who adhere to kosher and Hallal diets. Plant-based foods are far less expensive than meat-based foods and they’re easier for the airlines to keep for longer periods of time, as they are less perishable than meat and dairy-based foods.

Switching to an all-vegan in-flight menu will represent a commitment on the part of the airline industry to a more sustainable, environmentally oriented, ethical and healthy way of living that we so desperately need in our culture. If passengers wish to bring on animal-based foods, that's their prerogative. However, in a time when obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol rates in The United States are at epidemic levels, we would like the food offerings on flights to encourage healthy choices.

By standardizing all onboard offerings as being strictly plant-based vegan, a wider portion of the flying population will be able to partake in the onboard food offerings, it will increase revenue for in-flight food sales, and there will be less waste from animal-based foods that have spoiled or not been sold to be consumed. Most of all, an all-vegan menu allows everyone to partake equally in the onboard food offerings and enjoy this time-honored ritual of in-flight hospitality that is as old at the airline industry itself.

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