Make aftercare treatment compulsory following a D&C procedure

Make aftercare treatment compulsory following a D&C procedure

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Anna Pirie started this petition

In 2020 my partner and I suffered a missed miscarriage. I had gone three weeks with the baby inside me, who had already died. 
I had to wait a further 3 days until I had an appointment at the hospital, as I had found out on a Friday morning. 
By the Monday morning, I was desperate for the miscarriage to commence as my mental health was seriously suffering. 
I signed all consent forms in a blur by myself, as due to covid my partner was unable to come in and support me. 
Following the D&C I was told we could try again to get pregnant as soon as I felt able. 
We started again about two months after, very hopeful that it would happen again, as I had been pregnant before very quickly, and as I thought, a D&C ‘cleans everything out’ so you’re ready to go again in a healthy way, without anything left behind to create infection or complications.
Months & months went by, much to my despair and frustration. Nothing seemed to work no matter how hard we tired. These were my darkest times, feeling like my body was failing me and I was somehow less of a woman because I couldn’t get pregnant.

My periods were painful unlike before and sometimes very late, which added to my mental torture, despite going to my GP on numerous occasions & even to the hospital for a scan where I was told everything was fine and in working order.
After a year, finally  I was advised because of my age to go through IVF. After several months of jumping through hoops I went to have a procedure to check my uterus and tubes. Within minutes the consultant showed me the extent and the damage to my uterus that the D&C had caused my body. The scarring was so severe that if I had managed to get pregnant again, I would have most likely suffered another heartbreaking miscarriage. I was beyond devastated, but relieved that now it had all made sense and it wasn’t my body’s fault.

Following an operation to repair my uterus, I was given oral hormonal treatment to take and a intrauterine catheter to make sure that my uterus didn’t scar and go back to the way it had been before. I was concerned that this could happen to me again, and the consultant assured me that with this simple aftercare it pretty much eliminates all chances of females suffering Asherman’s Syndrome after a D&C or any sort of trauma sustained to a uterus.
Just with this simple and low cost treatment, it could have saved me a year of  pain, not just physically but mentally.  I couldn’t believe it. 
90% of Asherman’s  cases come from after having a D&C and 1/5 females may experience it. 
Not only can it give you painful periods that are hard to deal with- 
It can cause complete infertility in some women, and if pregnancy is achieved, it can also cause risk to the developing foetus, plus a higher rate of miscarriage or still birth percentage.
Just by giving oral hormones and inserting a intrauterine  catheter, which is simple and inexpensive, all of this can be avoided. 
Please sign to help me protect and prevent other females going through what I had to suffer and endure. This could have all been preventable. 

310 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!