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Make ACC shelters in Manhatten/Brooklyn/Staten Island City of New York do what was promised in 2011 and become NO KILL shelters,

These shelters promised to become No Kill shelters 2 years ago. They are hiding the sick from the public and each night they are put on the kill lists along with the  young, healthy, sick and old, there only crime FEAR and ending up in this place. The people who are paid to care for them do not care.  If it was not for the work of the volunteers the world would not even know what is going on. They have not had a medical director for over 2 years. This is all happening in one of the richest cities in the world you would think it was a third world country.  It must be stopped these animals deserve better.  It has been stated that there is a 100 percent infection rate at these shelters. The words used by a rescue worker to decribe this place are abysmal miasma of fear pain and suffering,  Please do not just look the other way because it is not on your doorstep!!!!!  

Please sign and email the Mayors office these animals are desperate and need help now.  I invite the Mayor to visit one of these shelters and see for himself. 

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