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Make A Noise and put an end to inhumane Transport and Slaughter of Horses


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It’s time to Make A Noise and put an end to inhumane and unnecessary journeys.

This mare collapsed on the lorry after 18 hours of travelling in an overcrowded metal lorry with no food or water in the heat of a European August. There were another 25 horses on this overcrowded lorry that were dehydrated, exhausted and frightened. Their journey would last at least another two days.

Around 100,000 horses suffer like this every year. By signing the Make A Noise petition you are asking the European Commission to stop this cruelty by:
* Introducing short journey limits for horses travelling to slaughter in Europe
* Ensuring that rigorous enforcement of the current Regulation will be implemented in all EU member States as a matter of urgency

Thank you.

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