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Make a new law to penalize men who make children and dont take care of them!

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COmpared to the number of single fathers, there are so many more single mothers out there. We all know the mother is usually the caretaker, and unfortunately the one who takes care of most of the responsibilities. Im a single mother twice myself, I am so angry and tired of hearing about all the men who make children and then leave the mother and child and dont take care of their responsibilities as a father. Lets be honest, they do it because they know they can get away with it. They usually have sex, and once they get over the initial feelings for the girl, they move on to the next one. Well leaving a newborn child or even a one year old child, if you are their parent, should be a crime.There are overwhelming statistics of single mothers out there, and its not fair. The law should make the father stay with his child, regardless of how fat he thinks the mother is, if he dosent want to commit, or settle down, or whatever excuse he has. Both parents made the baby, both parents should take care of the baby. THe parents have to lern to work it out. Its not fair that one person, usually the mother, has to raise a child, the hardest job in the world...I think that if the law makes men stay and take care of their children, then they will be less likely to leave, and the family will have a better chance of staying together. Parenting is a full time job 24/7/365. Its not fair that the father can just walk away, while the mother is in struglling everyday for the next 18 years. Lets be honest too, a lot of guys that do this want to be have multiple partners and not settle down. I am speaking from my own life, I have two children, of which both of the fathers left me once the children were born. It was so devestating for me, I was stressed out, mentallly, emotionally, and struggling financially and physically, I needed the father, but he didnt care! He/THey never returned until this day. I am not the only one. There are thousands if not millions of mothers out there with the same situation. something has to be done!

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