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MAKE A CHRISTMAS DIFFERENCE – Ask not for gifts. Ask for donations.

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“The cost of ending world thrist is 10 billion. We [the US] spend 450 billion every year on Christmas, now I call that sad.”

A person on told me that. And he´s right.

We should all call it SAD.

That means that, if we really wanted to make a difference in the world, we could!

I know, and you know, that most of the stuff we buy on Christmas is useless. A wallet for an uncle who already has one and won´t be changing his, a tie for a father who has a truck-load of ties, or another earing for your mother´s collection. Not to mention the little 10-dollar gifts we buy for the others we don´t care that much about.

Now, these things add up! And while we´re spending our precious money buying stuff most people will wear only once in their lives, or not at all, we could be spending it on something useful. Something important. To someone.

And I´m not saying only on Christmas, but on birthdays too! How many of you love the gifts you get for birthday? Sometimes our friends do get it right (that book you really wanted), but mostly you just pretend you liked the gift and you put it away in a drawer somewhere. Because, most of the time, what we trully need we buy for ourselves.

I pledge to take the money I would be spending on Christmas and donate it to an organization or an iniciative that will make a difference. That will  help someone get fed, clothed... that will help someone learn how to read, that will help some poor children get psychological support, that will help someone in Africa, that will help SOMEONE.

Tell your friends that you will be doing this. Say: “Sorry, guys, but the money I had for christmas gifts I spent on people who trully needed it. Do you wanna help? You could join in with me!”

Talk to your friends. Unite for a christmas party where gifts and money will be gathered for a common cause

I pledge that, on my birthday, I will ask for donations instead of gifts. Donations of books for poor children, food for the homeless, money for some important organization. But I will do it in an organized fashion. I will choose one place to donate to, so that all donations I get on my birthday are concentrated on that single project. I will write it down on the invitation card: “Hi ____. I invite you to my party Saturday night! Just, please, instead of gifts, I´ll be collecting donations to organization __so and so_____. Give me a hand! And help me spread this idea.”

Give me a hand. Help me spread this idea.


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