Either don't Change the date. Or Change to 3rd/4th June instead of 17th June.

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You won.

We won.

After a day full of ups and downs, from a strange shift from the 17th of June to 2nd of June (a Sunday FYI) and then settling on to the second half of 30th May, we have seen it all.

Thanks for being there throughout. Thankfully Sem8 didn't disappoint us the way Season8 did. 

A random quote I'm throwing which just suit the situation and was just there on top of my head.

What's meant to be, will always be.

And as an afterword, there's another petition you could sign maybe. We are asking for an open book test now, and simultaneously accessing the power CHANGE.ORG can actually wield and wondering how Organisational Behaviour helps us,

Link: http://chng.it/SZfRY6G4


Thanking you,

A 4th year who used to be sincere.

Radhika Mohta
2 years ago