Get Money Back on Your Bottles and Cans

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In March 2018, a Guardian article reported that the government had announced:

'All drinks containers in England, whether plastic, glass or metal, will be covered by a Deposit Return Scheme. The forthcoming scheme is intended to cut the litter polluting the land and sea by returning a small cash sum to consumers who return their bottles and cans.'

Great idea. But do you have a Deposit Return Scheme in your local supermarket yet?

In the UK, according to recent government figures, it is estimated that 28 billion single-use glass, plastic and aluminium drinks bottles and cans are sold every year. Due to ineffective waste collection and recycling systems, overall recycling rates in the UK have stagnated at around 45%.

In Germany, a Deposit Return Scheme was introduced in 2003 and 99% of plastic bottles are recycled. Similar schemes operate in 38 countries, including Scotland.

Almost all the major supermarkets in the UK - Iceland, M&S, Co-op, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury - have held trials of Reverse Vending Machines in a small number of stores in the last year.  This is a machine where we can return our bottles and cans in exchange for 5p-20p per item, or vouchers to use in store. 

But they haven't yet been rolled out across all supermarket stores nationally. And we need them to be.

They're good for us, as we get some money back and we can know the items will definitely be recycled in to new bottles and cans.

They're good for the supermarket, because it increases their footfall and the high-grade food-standard material they collect ensures them a higher price when they sell them for re-use.

And they're good for our beautiful planet, because millions of new single use bottles and cans will NOT be thrown away to kill our wildlife, choke our oceans, pollute our earth and ultimately get back in to our own food chain and damage our health.

As customers, we can do our bit to encourage our supermarkets to roll out Reverse Vending Machines for drinks cans, plastic and glass bottles nationwide NOW as part of their strategy to reduce plastic, glass and metal waste.

Please sign this petition and share it via FB, Twitter, Instagram and email to family, friends and everyone you know so we can get started immediately to re-use and reduce our waste. 

We will send this petition to the Head Offices of the major supermarkets to show them how keen we their customers are to recycle and re-use.

Thank you.