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Dr. Jason Galea, known by his hockey family as Coach Jason, has been the heart and soul of the Kroc hockey department since its beginnings back in 2002. No one knows and understands both youth hockey and the variety of obstacles it’s families face, better than he does.  His door and his heart are always open to everyone whether he is present at the rink or off site. Even if an issue is not hockey related he is there is listen and help whenever he can. He makes hockey magic happen for kids and families every season, whether it’s as small as making sure a kid has the right equipment or something bigger like helping a family cover the cost of the season, Jason is there. He helps match kids to the right coaches to further their development, he writes scholarship letters, provides internships, and he helps kids pursue their dreams on and off the ice.

It doesn’t stop there. Jason mentors, inspires, and supports his coaches, both paid and volunteer. These coaches are confident in their abilities and are able to use the skills and knowledge gained from Jason to develop not only great hockey players, but great citizens as well. Some of our current coaches are individuals who played at the Kroc as kids, under Coach Jason, have gone on to play college hockey, and are now back to inspire the next generation. This kind of history and future are irreplaceable. 

Just last year Coach Jason was awarded the 10 Leadership Award for all he has done for the community.

Then, without warning or a prepared statement afterwards he has been ripped from the heart of the hockey family and given only two weeks to vacate his position. Rumors abound as to what the reason is. Clarissa Glasco, Director of Operations at the Kroc, explained in an email response to one concerned parent that " the reduction in our endowment draw was a key factor" in their decision to reorganize. However, whispers of wanting a more Evangelical and more full time hockey director have also been heard. Coach Jason is a man of faith, he lives his faith through example. He gives and gives of himself. He does not shove his beliefs on anyone,nor judge anyone for their beliefs. He is there with open arms, accepting and helping everyone who walks through the doors of the ice rink. He is the embodiment of "Doing the Most Good," the mission of the Kroc Center.

Could the Kroc hire a part time Evangelical Assistant Hockey Director that could work along side Jason? Especially since not only was Jason let go, but three other valued rink employees as well! Everyone was invited to re-apply for their jobs, but they were put up against each other, 4 candidates for 3 spots. Then to add insult to injury, it was implied that Jason should not consider reapplying for the job. Clarissa claims, "we wish those affected by the reorganization well and we have attempted to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve."  Rather than cutting out a part of our hockey heart could we not expand the love and welcome someone to our Kroc hockey family? The Kroc runs on its much appreciated volunteers, is there no one available who could volunteer to work a long side Jason to promote the mission of the Kroc?

What about the future of the hockey program? Clarissa affirms, "It is our continued goal to provide quality programs and no classes, programs, practices, or games will be cancelled." Who are they going to find to replace Jason that has even half the love and dedication to the kids and hockey that he does? Who also has the extensive hockey knowledge, experience, and connections that Jason does? What is going to happen to the youth hockey program when families, volunteers, and eventually paid coaches leave to follow Jason. Jason is the man we have all come to love, look up to, and rely on to guide us on our hockey paths. If bringing more religion to the program is the intent, there must be a volunteer or existing employee out there willing to take on that task, someone is not looking hard enough.

Furthermore, as of yet, no one from the figure skating department has been let go. Why should the hockey department be the only one to suffer such a heart breaking loss?

Kids, parents, and co workers have all been left with a hole in their heart. The ice rink is a much colder place knowing that that Jason will soon be gone, and not the good kind of refreshing cold like a fresh sheet of ice at 7am. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Bring Dr. Jason Galea, our beloved Coach Jason, back to the Kroc where he belongs and bring someone on to serve along side him. Together as a team we can continue to serve the mission of the Kroc through the hockey program.  

Sign this petition and reach out and email the following people letting them know your concerns and displeasure with the decision to let Coach Jason go. We have to make our voices heard, we are more than just paying customers, we are a hockey family!

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