Keep the Opotiki After-hours Health Care Service FREE

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After the closure of the Opotiki Hospital located on hospital hill approximately 25yrs ago. The Opotiki Independent Nursing Services (OPINS) has held the BOPDHB contract which serviced ahrs care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During these 25yrs of service, there was never a fee or charge for this service. This Health Model was a nurse-led service.

The problem the Opotiki Community faces under the new Business model of medical care published in the local Opotiki newspaper dated the 6th of Feb. Is: 

  • If you access the After hours health center and require to see a doctor face to face in Opotiki. You will have to pay a fee. 
  • If you live in Whakatane you have 24 hour free access to health care which includes seeing numerous doctors face to face.
  • If you live down the East Cape you have 24 hour free access to health care which includes seeing a doctor face to face.  The on-call nurse will actually come to patients homes and assess the situation and if need be, the nurse is able to contact their local doctor or emergency services.
  • If you live in Opotiki you have access to the after hour health care service for 5 hours Monday to Friday and 14 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Should your health issue requires  seeing a doctor (face to face). Opotiki you will be expected to pay.
  •  Under the new Model, the collective GP clinics, will not be undertaking any Maternity care. Independent midwives will be responsible for maternity services and no post care hospital stay services are offered in Opotiki.

The Opotiki community has lost a free, 24 hour after-hour health care service on the 1st of December 2019.


 I believe the community has not been informed or consulted about these changes: 

The patients I have seen after 10pm for the last 4 years include:

  • Mothers who can't even call there midwifes to inform them they maybe in labour. As they don't have the money to charge their mobile phones.
  • Nan or Koro attend OPINS with genuine concerns about their moko's breathing.
  • 8yr old children having Asthma attacks. No medication (ventolin) because they can't afford their GP costs to get a repeat script.
  • Chest pain. Heart attacks.
  • Anaphalactic reactions. Just to name a few.

 Have your say; sign and support this petition for the continuation of FREE after hours health care for the Opotiki community.

The purpose for this petition is to provide a vehicle for the people of Opotiki to reveal their concerns to government.