Don’t let councils dispose of your cat without telling you !

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My extremely friendly and grey gorgeous cat called diesel (picture above) was killed by a car just outside my house while I was on holiday and was left in the road for over a day while cars and buses continued to drive over him without giving any care to the family pet that was being crushed by their vehicle . However a day later two kind Samaritans picked up the body , placed it into a plastic bag and put it on the grass next to the road. Me and my family had only found this out because a neighbour had complained that no one had collected the body and decided to write to the news about it .After coming across the article, we were almost certain it was one of our own as we had 4 cats  but the only picture attached was the one of the cat in the plastic bag . We called my nan who lives near to see if she could identify the cat just so we could know if it was one of ours and appon her arrival the bag had seemed to be gone and no one was sure who had taken it. Although my mum repeatedly called Harrow council to see if they had collected the body , they said they hadn’t but asked for a description of him and said they would let her know if anyone was to bring him in . As it turns out they did in fact have the body , diddnt bother to check for his microchip and diddnt even bother to call my mum who was extremely distraught at the time . The only way we found out about the death of our cat was because it happened to be on the news (which never normally happens ) and so if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t of known what had happend to diesel because when they collected the body instead of checking whether he belonged to a loving family they just disposed off his body. The law states that if you hit a dog for example you have to inform someone and immediately check if they have a microchip but for Cats if there hit , no one has to be informed and they are just considered road kill . By signing this petition we could help make sure that all cats collected by councils are scanned to see if they have a microchip so that all owners can get the closure they deserve, know what has actually happened to their cat rather then them just thinking that he/she is missing and also say goodbye to their special cat in their own way instead of the council throwing the body away like it’s a piece of rubbish .. it’s just cruel and unfair ! The loss of diesel was absolutely heartbreaking and to anyone one who owns a cat or any pet knows the bond you build with them and how much of a characterisation they can have and not knowing where they are or what has happend to them is honestly painful. So please if you also want to see a change in how the government and council are disposing of these much loved animals , then sign the petition-thank you !