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Stop publicizing the names and faces of mass murderers

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As a society we are perpetuating the increase in numbers of mass killings by constantly publicizing the names and faces of the people that perpetrate these heinous crimes. We have provided a forum by which deranged, angry people who might otherwise just kill themselves have a guaranteed forum to be recognized and known instantly to the entire world. This has to end. These tragic events are major news stories and we certainly shouldn't seek to curtail the reporting of what is happening in the world. However, the information people need to know is the tragic event that occurred and the people affected. The individuals that commit these crimes should remain anonymous and faceless, forgotten by all except those that already knew them. They should not be made into anti-heroes and be given worldwide recognition for their heinous crimes. By doing so, we are only adding fuel to the fire when other like-minded individuals see just how much recognition heinous actions like these can bring someone. As a society, we need to stop rewarding mass murderers with the recognition we are giving them.

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