Vacate Houston Astro's 2017 World Series Title

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The State of Baseball has been in decline in recent years. The newest and biggest blow to the sport has been the revelation of the Houston Astros using technology to steal catcher-to-pitcher signals.

Four internal sources from the Astros organization have come out on record to say there was sign stealing with use of technology - which is against the rules. Hour by hour more videos of cheating are becoming available. It is clear to see how effective this system of cheating has affected the landscape of baseball and needs to be addressed. Fans of all 30, including the great fans of Houston, teams have been shorted of pure sporting and The Houston Astros organization must be reprimanded.

This petition is to have all major awards from the 2017 season till present nullified; This is to include the: 2017 World Series Championship, José Altuve's 2017 MVP and World Series MVP, Justin Verlander's 2019 Cy Young Award, and Yordan Álvarez' 2019 Rookie of the Year Award. In addition to awards being revoked, there should be a large monetary fine and loss of draft picks for multiple years.