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Keep the Marlins "Black and Teal," Don't use the logo released 9/20/11

To Major League Baseball, The Florida Marlins, Jeffrey Loria, Baseball Fans, Art Fans, and anyone with sensible taste:

No matter what your demographic background is, one thing that is supposed to separate all mankind from other species is its ability to use reason.

Fittingly, the very word reason is derived from the Greek term "λόγος" or logos. Plato would argue that reason is greater than any other characteristic, including emotion, while Aristotle would further state that the best life one could live is governed by nothing more than reason.

According to Wikipedia, reason "is the means by which rational beings understand themselves to think about cause and effect, truth and falsehood, and what is good or bad." Unfortunately, it seems that Major League Baseball and renowned Art-Dealer turned tax-dollar swindler Jeffrey Loria have completely failed to employ "reason" when considering the creation of the new Florida, neh, Miami Marlins logo, leaked to the public on September 20th, 2011 and seen here:

A quick sampling of internet reactions to the leaked image immediately makes it clear that whomever is behind this logo did not, in fact, employ any sort of reason in creating it (or likely used the same amount of reason used in deciding the Circus-Circus inspired home run celebration to be featured in the new ballpark).

A sampling of Marlins' Fans (yes, they do exist) reaction on popular team blogs yields no person showing support for the mysteriously surfaced logo, while sports blogs refer to it as "rainbow-crap-tastic." Bloggers have likened the logo to the "Megamind" move poster, the retro Astros' uniforms, the Mario Brothers' 'M', and worse. As of this morning, a CBS Sports pole yield results stating that 50.4% thought it was horrendous, while another 38% felt it was only "bad."

Mr. Loria, with all do respect, which the people of Miami and your fan base have little for you already, we implore you not to destroy our history of Teal and Black, but more importantly, not use this atrocious design. While Miami may not be the greatest sports city on the planet, there are passionate fans that do want to wear apparel that helps you pay the bills and shows support of our players. We will not stand to support this "piece of art."

Unless you are renaming us the "Miami Rainbow Trout," this simply makes no sense:

Yellow? I'm sure that will strike fear into the hearts of Braves, Cubs, or Red Sox. We aren't the London Silly Nannies or Cirque de Soleil. An artificial poll of players asked if they would like Yellow on their uniforms yielded scribbled lines across the scantron because they were too busy laughing at the idea.

Orange? You've seen the Mets uniforms before... right? You live in New York. Not Miami. You are so far out of touch with the fans, players, and city that this is simply insulting.

Blue? Not terrible, but we wear teal, dumbass, and you will not find a fan that wishes to surrender that. We are one of 2 professional teams with that unique color, we are known for it around the states, and it is an aspect that attracts people who wear your apparel simply for style to support the team.

Silver? Really original, chief. Was the color mix for purple or green not working on your 4 year old grandchild's photoshop that day?

Seriously. This is the ugliest logo ever. Fans would have preferred the team move to San Antonio, Portland, or Oklahoma City rather than support a team wearing this garbage. Heck, the Mets and Phillies would rather they be the New Jersey Marlins to not have to stare at that logo, or heaven-forbid whatever clown outfit uniform matches it, all season long.

Again, we implore you, use REASON and not this logo. Keep the team's Teal and Black history alive and do not make the team, or its fans who show support, the laughing stock of professional sports worldwide.

Despite what you think, these colors do not represent Miami's "vibrant history" or unique, tropical, lifestyle.

Despite being a billionaire that has fired more coaches because he is a meddling fool with no baseball knowledge, our elected officials (not yours, again, since you don't live in South Florida) voted to support this beautiful stadium.

Despite wrenching our hearts out by repeatedly dismantling the team and trading away fan favorites for useless pieces, we the local fans paid our taxes, which built the stadium despite your billions of dollars of assets that could have done the same.

Despite your annoying family members who run the organization and don't understand the community, nor the players they play, in the least bit, true fans have supported this team.

But despite our love for the Marlins, the sport, and the city of Miami, we will not support this abomination of a logo. You have repeatedly dismembered our team, destroyed our faith in the organization, and taken our support for granted.

If you want us to fill the new stadium, you will be a man and respond to this petition both in words AND by not using this logo.


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