Reinstate Shoeless Joe Jackson from the Commissioner's Ineligible List

Reinstate Shoeless Joe Jackson from the Commissioner's Ineligible List

June 1, 2021
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Started by Morgan O'Brien

The case that led to Shoeless Joe Jackson being placed on the commissioner's ineligible list in 1920 lacks credibility:

  • Seven of his alleged co-conspirators confirmed that he was never at any of the meetings with gamblers.
  • Witnesses testified that Jackson did not accept $5,000 from the gamblers.
  • There are reports that he attempted to inform team owner Charles Comiskey of the fix. 
  • Statistically, Jackson had the only home run in the 1919 World Series for either team, and committed no errors in the field.  He also had the highest batting average during the contest. 

In 2015, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred reviewed Jackson's case and concluded, "The results of this work demonstrate to me that it is not possible now, over 95 years since those events took place and were considered by Commissioner Landis, to be certain enough of the truth to overrule Commissioner Landis' determinations."

However, since that time:

  • Landis' credibility as a moral authority has faced scrutiny, and in December 2020, 89% of baseball writers agreed to remove his name from the most valuable player award. 
  • Several members of the Houston Astros were found to have cheated in the 2017 World Series, but not one player was suspended as they were granted immunity.  

Shoeless Joe Jackson has more than served his sentence, and in light of recent events, we call upon Commissioner Rob Manfred to review his 2015 decision, remove him from the commissioner's ineligible list, and permit the enshrinement of Shoeless Joe in Cooperstown, where he has a rightful place among the legends of the game. 

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