No More Pace-of-Play Rules (MLB)

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Minor League Baseball has had a pitch clock for a few seasons now, as well as now a second base runner in the 10th inning as of today. The rules of baseball are being violated by the apparent "changing with the times". Thing is: basketball games are getting longer, NFL games, AND college football games sometimes exceed four hours. The so-called demographic to blame are ones roughly under the age of thirty due to alleged "short attention spans", but let me reiterate that college football games can regularly exceed four hours and we don't see college students falling asleep or leaving the game just because a game is long. Commissioner Manfred has said his goal is to make a game shorter than three hours just because that's how to draw a younger crowd in...but coming from a millennial herself, I request to please leave the game ALONE!

What SHOULD be happening, however, is a stronger digital/internet marking and I, personally, would love it if streaming in-market games online, without blackout restrictions, would exist. Several teams including the Rockies, Astros, Mariners, and more use AT&T SportsNet to locally broadcast their games but the problem is is that viewers must have a TV Carrier that is owned by AT&T (DirecTV/U-Verse) is able to watch the game, virtually preventing many fans from seeing the games. Lifting this would bring fans in, and I will argue that messing with the game of baseball that is fine the way it is with "pace-of-play" is going to lose more fans than gain.

Commissioner Manfred, MLBPA, or anyone else that can give me a listening ear on this: please consider this petition.

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