Make bunting illegal in baseball!

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Bunting should be eliminated from baseball. Although bunting has been a tradition in baseball for over a century, the game has outgrown this antiquated strategy. Bunting is a loop hole that made its way into tradition starting in the 1880’s, and was popularized as a “tricky hit”. It is now held on to by the general public without question. Our goal is to advance the game of baseball and make sure it is a sport which is always engaging for fans, fair to players, financially substantial for organizations, and upholding of the integrity of the game. All of these criteria are stunted by bunting. Significant changes have been to the game before. The designated hitter was met with hesitation in 1973. Critics said it changed the nature of the game. Today it is widely accepted and noted as one of the most significant changes in baseball history. Since 1973, collegiate, amateur, and professional leagues all have a designated hitter. We need to allow players to honor the integrity of the game but disallowing the bunt. Research has show since the dead ball era, and the advancement of hitters over the past few decades, that the Sacrifice Bunt is statistically less productive than hitting. We need pitchers to face a batter without any loop holes to honor the competition between two teams. Bunting detracts from the essence of baseball which is to hit the ball against a pitcher who is trying to make the hitter miss the ball. Bunting neither challenges the hitter to hit, nor a pitcher to pitch. In addition to respecting the game of baseball from a competitive standpoint, this change will also provide a practical upgrade. By decreasing bunting the game will be sped up significantly. This petition is to ask Major League Baseball to lead us down a path where there are no more automatic outs. Pitchers and hitters must earn there runs. This will not only save the integrity of baseball, but will also be a service to fans, organizations, and players. Please sign our petition and rid baseball of bunting.

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